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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

Higher efficiencies • Faster analysis • Reduced back pressures

Higher efficiencies

Faster analysis

Reduced back pressures

hplc columns for small molecule analysis

Small Molecule Analysis

From an ultra-fast separation of a few compounds to a more complex natural product sample containing hundreds of analytes, HALO® HPLC columns offer an optimized solution for separation challenges.

lc column for biopharma solutions

Biopharmaceuticals are inherently more complex than small molecules. HALO® BioClass columns have been specifically designed to accomplish these bio-separation goals with a simplified and more effective solution.

halo enviroclass - hplc environmental applications

Solutions for other persistent, high environmental-impact contamination agents such as pesticides, mycotoxins, herbicides, and more all based upon HALO® innovative and trusted technology.

For over 15 years, our core focus has been improving HPLC separations through innovative particle column technology. Considering the needs of the application, morphologies and phases were designed to conquer separation challenges in various market spaces for both small and large molecule analysis.

Innovation you can trust – performance you can rely on

cover art of applications collection for hplc columns

Download our HPLC Applications Collection

Using our novel Fused-Core® particle design, we have challenged conventional wisdom and engineered innovative solutions for the separations community. Check out our NEW searchable Applications Collection for u(HPLC) methods using the Fused-Core® Technology in your laboratory!

Getting Better Separations is Easy with HALO® HPLC Columns


Whatever demands your lab requires, we can help. Choose from a wide variety of products for specific methodologies and applications.


Our HPLC columns are manufactured using Fused-Core® particle technology specially developed to deliver hyper-fast liquid chromatographic separations.


Smaller reduced plate heights lead to high efficiencies, narrower and taller peaks, for improved resolution and lower detection limits.

Advanced Materials Technology is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

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