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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

Designed for separation of novel and legacy short chain and long chain PFAS compounds containing branched and linear isomers, along with EPA methodology requirements in mind, HALO® PFAS offers a holistic solution.

A PFAS specific delay column is optimized to prevent background PFAS contamination from interfering with the sample results. HALO® PFAS solution delivers excellent selectivity, peak shape and necessary retention to perform fast, high-resolution separations.

halo enviroclass - hplc environmental applications


  • EPA 533
  • EPA 537.1
  • EPA 1633
  • EPA 8327
  • Emerging PFAS


  • Application-assured through method qualified lot analysis
  • Endcapped alkyl phases for high sensitivity LCMS analysis
  • Optimal 2.7 µm Fused-Core® particle for rugged, reliable performance delivering high efficiency, low back pressure separations

Available Phases

enviroclass pfas pah analysis

High speed separation of 33 PFAS species found in EPA 537.1, EPA 533, and EPA 8327, completed in under 5 minutes.

pfas analysis report
enviroclass pfas pah analysis
solvent reservoir to data processing with pfas delay column

HALO® PFAS Delay is an application assured column solution. The delay column is used to prevent background PFAS contamination from interfering with the PFAS of interest that are separated with the analytical column.

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