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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

HALO® BIOCLASS Oligonucleotide columns are designed with the foundational properties of Fused-Core®  technology for high efficiency, high speed separations  and optimized for the needs of oligonucleotide separations.  Closely related impurities and recognition of failure sequences are easily achieved with the HALO® OLIGO columns.

The HALO® OLIGO C18 incorporates surface modified organo-silane technology for alkaline resistance, resulting in excellent stability under elevated pH operating conditions common in oligonucleotide separation methods.  The inert column hardware also addresses absorptivity concerns so the highest recoveries can be achieved.


  • 120 Å pore size, enables separations of oligomers up to 60 bases in length
  • High pH and temperature stability, designed for conditions suited for oligonucleotide separations
  • UHPLC and mass spectrometry compatible stationary phase
  • Surface passivated column hardware to reduce potential of sample adsorption that can occur with stainless steel
Oligo circle graphic

Performance at a Glance

Rapid Separation of Oligonucleotide Ladder

This example demonstrates the resolution of an Oligonucleotide Standard mixture (10- to 60-mer ssDNA) using triethylammonium acetate (TEAA) with absorbance detection and gradient elution with acetonitrile.  This fast separation (less than 3.5 minutes) illustrates the excellent peak shape, and high resolution of oligonucleotides of up to 60 oligonucleotides in length using Advanced Material Technology’s Fused-Core® technology in the 2.1 x 50 mm HALO® OLIGO C18 column.

Excellent Lot-To-Lot Reproducibility

HALO® Advantage

An oligonucleotide ladder of mixed sequence and length is separated on the HALO® OLIGO C18 and a competitor oligonucleotide column under high pH conditions. The oligomers of 20 base length AND higher begin to tail significantly on the competitor column. The same oligomers show no tailing on the HALO® column demonstrating the chromatographic efficiency and speed of Fused-Core®. Note: Tailing of the competitor column could represent poor column loading, however, both the HALO® and competitor columns were QC tested and passed prior to analysis.





  • Enables separations of oligomers up to 60 bases in length
  • Offers high pH and temperature stability
  • Surface passivated column hardware to reduce potential of sample adsorption
  • USP: L1
  • Available Particle Size: 2.7 µm, 120 Å pore size

Ligand: dimethyloctadecylsilane, surface modified
Pore Size: 120 Å
Low pH/T Limit: 2/90 ⁰C
High pH/T Limit: 9/85 ⁰C
Endcapped: Yes

HALO® Method Validation Kits Available

Choose three columns of the same part number for method validation and receive 15% off your set. Each column will be from a different lot.

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