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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

The HALO® PAH column is an un-endcapped trifunctional C18 bonded phase with a proprietary manufacturing process designed on proven Fused-Core® technology to provide a fast, efficient separation of PAH compounds.

The HALO® PAH column delivers a method-specific, robust, high efficiency separation of 16 standard PAH compounds with a resolution value of at least 1.5 in under 5 minutes for EPA 8310 and EPA 610.

halo enviroclass - hplc environmental applications


  • EPA 610
  • EPA 8310+2
  • EU 15+1
  • Emerging PAHs


  • Application-assured through method qualified lot analysis
  • Optimal 2.7 µm Fused-Core® particle for rugged, reliable performance delivering high efficiency, low back pressure separations
  • Well suited for UV, Fluorescence and MS detection
enviroclass pfas pah analysis

Fast 5 min separation of method EPA 8310 + 2 USING HALO® PAH

pah column performance

The HALO® PAH column outperforms a fully porous particle (FPP) 1.8 μm, 95 Å column for a fast 5 min separation of method EPA 8310 + 2 demonstrating improved speed and resolution.

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