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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

The New HALO® PCS – Positively Exceptional Performance

Built upon proven Fused-Core® technology for speed and efficiency, the HALO® PCS column products are positively charged surface chemistries designed to deliver improved peak shapes for basic compounds observed with standard C18 and Phenyl-Hexyl chemistries. Ideal for use with low ionic strength mobile phases, HALO® PCS maintains peak symmetry at higher loading capacities and provides alternate selectivities from other C18 and Phenyl-Hexyl bonded phases. Available in both a 90 Å and 160 Å pore size for small molecule and peptide analysis. The columns are optimized to deliver performance for reproducible, high efficiency LC and LCMS separations.


Delivering More Performance


Excellent Peak Shape and Increased Loading Capacity for bases


UHPLC and LCMS Compatible


Built upon Fused-Core® Technology for fast, efficient and reliable separations

Three NEW Phases to Choose From:

  • 2.7 µm particle size, 90 Å pore size optimized for small molecules
  • Alternate L1  Selectivity
  • Basic pharmaceutical drugs, environmental contaminants, drugs of abuse
  • 2.7 µm particle size, 90 Å pore size optimized for small molecules
  • Alternate L11  Selectivity
  • Basic pharmaceutical drugs, environmental contaminants, drugs of abuse
  • 2.7 um particle size, 160 Å pore size optimized for peptide separations
  • Alternate L1 Selectivity
  • Peptide mapping and detection, impurity analysis

HALO® Advantage!

  • A mix of four antidepressants is separated using the HALO 90 Å PCS C18 column.
  • The positive charged surface (PCS) stationary phase is ideal for basic analytes when using low ionic strength mobile phases such as formic acid.
  • Improved tailing factor and efficiency are observed when compared to a traditional (uncharged) C18 stationary phase.

Separation Using HALO® PCS C18 Compared to C18

*see brochure for full test conditions

Panel of Antidepressants Screened with 900 Injections
Demonstrating the Excellent Stability of HALO® PCS C18

*see brochure for full test conditions

  • A HALO® Peptide PCS C18 outperforms a standard peptide C18 column under formic acid conditions due to its positive charge surface, allowing for improved peak shape and resolution for peptides.
  • HALO Peptide also allows for a higher sample load on column for basic analytes and could potentially help pull apart closely retained impurities as seen in the graphs.

Peptide Loading Studies

*see brochure for full test conditions

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