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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

In search of better health and well-being.  As we continue to search for the eternal fountain of youth, humans seek ways to improve themselves.  Analytical scientists are charged with formulating new combinations of vitamins and supplements in a variety of matrices and delivery mechanisms.  Chromatography plays a critical role in this process.

hplc for vitamin analysis

taking advantage of fused-core® technology

Visit our solutions pages to learn more about the best uses and benefits of Fused-Core® Technology.

hplc columns for small molecule analysis

Small Molecule Solutions

From an ultra-fast separation of a few compounds to a more complex natural product sample containing hundreds of analytes, HALO® columns offer an optimized solution for separation challenges.

lc column for biopharma solutions

Biopharmaceuticals are inherently more complex than small molecules. HALO® BioClass columns have been specifically designed to accomplish these bio-separation goals with a simplified and more effective solution.

hplc environmental applications

Solutions for other persistent, high environmental-impact contamination agents such as pesticides, mycotoxins, herbicides, and more all based upon HALO’s 15 years of innovative and trusted technology.

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