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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

Discovering and identifying alternatives for better health and well-being through natural medicine.  Cannabis plants provide a complex web of characteristics and attributes to alleviate pain and improve medical conditions.  Analytical scientists are challenged with identifying, quantifying and formulating the proper characteristics for efficacy and delivery.  Chromatography plays a critical role in this discovery.

hplc cannabinoid analysis

taking advantage of fused-core® technology

Visit our solutions pages to learn more about the best uses and benefits of Fused-Core® Technology.

hplc columns for small molecule analysis

From an ultra-fast separation of a few compounds to a more complex natural product sample containing hundreds of analytes, HALO® columns offer an optimized solution for separation challenges.

lc column for biopharma solutions

Biopharmaceuticals are inherently more complex than small molecules. HALO® BioClass columns have been specifically designed to accomplish these bio-separation goals with a simplified and more effective solution.

hplc environmental applications

Solutions for other persistent, high environmental-impact contamination agents such as pesticides, mycotoxins, herbicides, and more all based upon HALO’s 15 years of innovative and trusted technology.

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