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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

HALO® Care and Use Documents

Thank you for choosing HALO® columns. The quality of AMT products stems from the complete control over the entire manufacturing process.  From the start of high quality raw materials to the final particle, quality controls and measurements are built into every process. Cores and shells are carefully controlled resulting in tight particle size distributions for optimized loading parameters that culminates to a highly efficient performance packed column. Rigorous quality assurance testing is completed for every lot. The following documents provide care and use instructions on each column family to ensure the best performing column for your separations.



Analytical care and use Sheet

commercial capillary care and use Sheet

Custom capillary care and use Sheet


Analytical Care and use sheet

Commercial Capillary Care and use sheet

Custom Capillary Care and use sheet


PFAS care and use sheet

PFAS Delay care and use sheet

PAH care and use sheet


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