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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

HALO® Elevate – Taking Separations to a Higher Level

Built upon proven Fused-Core® particle technology for speed and efficiency, the HALO® Elevate C18 incorporates surface modified organo-silane technology for alkaline resistance resulting in excellent stability in high pH/high temperature environments.

With a wide operational use range of pH 2-12, HALO® Elevate  allows for robust method development and improved separations for basic compounds that may present problems at lower pH, for poor peaks shapes, inadequate retention, or limited load tolerance. Ideal for use with high pH mobile phases, HALO® Elevate protects against degradation of the silica particle which is demonstrated by aggressive stability tests at elevated temperatures.

Available as a 120 Å pore size, these columns are optimized to deliver performance for high pH, to be flexible enough to work the full range of operating conditions to dial in separation selectivity for acids, bases, neutrals and zwitterions. The underlying HALO® Fused Core® technology is incorporated for separation speed and chromatographic efficiency to provide the quality HALO® has been known to exhibit.

Delivering More Performance


Excellent Stability for High pH Environments


Reliability of Proven Fused-Core® Technology for Highest Efficiencies


Enables Wide Operational Use Range for Robust Method Development

HALO® Advantage!


  1. Uracil
  2. Acenaphthene
  3. Amitriptyline

Excellent Stability of HALO® Elevate C18 Over 500 Injections

Run Conditions:  pH 10 @ 60°C

(>20,000 column volumes, 42 hours of run time)

*see toss sheet for full test conditions


  1. Related Compound F & G
  2. Related Compound B
  3. Related Compound E
  4. Related Compound A
  5. Impurity B
  6. Omeprazole
  7. Impurity H
  8. N’-Methyl Omeprazole
  9. Impurity C

Modernized Omeprazole Separation on HALO® Elevate C18

Run Conditions: pH 10.7, @ 60 °C

*see toss sheet for full test conditions


  1. Butyl Paraben (neutral)
  2. Doxylamine (base)
  3. Chlorpheniramine (base)
  4. Doxepin (base)
  5. Amitriptyline (base)
  6. Trimipramine (base)

Lot to Lot Study of HALO® Elevate C18

Run Conditions:  pH 10 @ 60°C

The average %RSD across all of the compounds was < 0.6%.

*see toss sheet for full test conditions





  • Surface modified organo-silane technology for alkaline resistance
  • Excellent stability under high pH conditions
  • Improved peak shape and loading of basic compounds
  • Wide operational use range of pH 2-12 for robust method development
  • USP: L1
  • Available particle size: 2.7 um

Ligand: dimethyloctadecylsilane
Chemical Classification: alkyl
Pore Size: 120 Å
Low pH/T Limit: 2/60 °C
High pH/T Limit: 12/60 °C
Endcapped: Yes

HALO® Method Validation Kits Available

Choose three columns of the same part number for method validation and receive 15% off your set. Each column will be from a different lot.

Enter code “VALIDATE” at checkout for promotion to apply. Learn More.

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