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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

The New dandyVice – Making Scientists Lives Easier

Hey Scientists!

Here’s some good news about filtering samples in the lab – no more strain or pain!  Thanks to the handy dandyVice manual sample filtration has been ergonomically simplified preventing long-term pain to the hand and thumb.

  • The dandyVice tool is ideal for routine sample filtration accommodating syringe sizes of 1 ml – 20 ml and associated filter discs
  • The concept of the dandyVice is to reduce pain in the hand and thumb with dealing with samples having high concentrations of solids, viscosity or high molecular weight.
  • The dandyVice is available as a hand held device, wall mount, or free standing on the lab bench with the dandy stand.
  • Filter discs and syringe accessories are also available. Have your own syringes and filter discs?  No problem, the dandyVice can be used with commercial brands.

Better sample prep = Better chromatography!

HALO® columns and the dandyVice – Delivering a better presentation of the sample to the detector

*dandyVice is a registered patent of dandy innovations

making it easy to work in the lab!

Available dandyVice Products

dandyVice Products


Disposable Syringes


25 mm wwPTFE Syringe Filter (PALL)


Questions? Let's Talk Sample Prep!
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