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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

HALO® at ISPPP Symposium in Delray Beach, FL

Join Advanced Materials Technology alongside scientists around the world at ISPPP 2022. Hear from world-renowned scientists as they deliver cutting-edge presentations on the separation, purification, and characterization of biologically important molecules. Register now at 


October 16th – 19th


The Opal Grand Ocean Front Resort & Spa in Delray Beach, Florida.


  • Proteomics and Protein Measurements

  • High-Resolution Separations Methods (LC, CE, hyphenated methods)

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biomolecule Analytics

  • Complex Structures and Assemblies– Vectors, Particles and Cells

  • Novel Separations Approaches (modes of operation)

  • Monoclonal Antibodies

  • Multi-dimensional methods

  • Structure Analysis

  • Affinity Methods

  • Interactions and Conformation Methods (retention models, interaction analysis)

  • Synthetic and Biological Nucleic Acids

  • Glycans and Complex Carbohydrates

Highlighted Presentation Themes

  • Proteomics, Glycoproteomics and Phosphoproteomics

  • Therapeutic Biomolecules and Biosimilars

  • Monoclonal Antibody Analytics

  • Novel Protein Structure Analysis

  • Novel Separations Materials and Methods

  • Interactions, Aggregation and Conformational Effects

  • Nucleic Acid Purity and Identity

  • Host Cell Materials Analysis

  • Metabolomics and Enzyme Analyses

  • Glycans and Complex Carbohydrates

  • Higher Order Structure Determination

  • Biological Particle Analysis and Separation (LNP, Vector, Virus)

  • Analytics and Separation for Cell and Gene Therapy Analytics


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