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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

Meet HALO® PCS:  New Product Alert


March 20, 2024

Stephanie Rosenberg
Director of Sales and Marketing
Advanced Materials Technology
[email protected]

AMT introduces HALO® PCS:  Positively Exceptional Performance for Basic Compounds

Wilmington, DE — Advanced Materials Technology is proud to announce the launch of its newest product family — HALO® PCS columns.

Built upon proven Fused-Core® technology for speed and efficiency, the HALO® PCS (Positively Charged Surface) column products are positively charged surface chemistries designed to deliver improved peak shapes for basic compounds observed with standard C18 chemistry. Ideal for use with low ionic strength mobile phases, HALO® PCS maintains peak symmetry at higher loading capacities and provides alternate selectivities from other C18 and Phenyl-Hexyl bonded phases. Available in both a 90 Å and 160 Å pore size for small molecule and peptide analysis. The columns are optimized to deliver performance for reproducible, high-efficiency LC and LCMS separations.

Key features of the PCS columns include:

PCS C18 AND PCS PHENYL-HEXYL for Small Molecule Separations

  • Excellent peak shape and increased loading capacity for basic compounds
  • UHPLC and LCMS compatible
  • Alternate L1 selectivity (PCS C18)
  • Alternate L11 selectivity (PCS Phenyl-Hexyl)
  • Built upon Fused-Core® technology for fast, efficient, and reliable separations

PCS C18 for Peptide Separations

  • Significantly improved peak widths and symmetry for basic peptides compared to traditional peptide C18 stationary phases
  • Designed for performance with formic acid avoiding LCMS signal suppression from TFA
  • UHPLC and LCMS compatible
  • Alternate L1 selectivity with optimized pore size for peptide separations


For more information about PCS and to explore its features in detail, please click here.


Advanced Materials Technology
3521 Silverside Road, Suite 1-K
Quillen Building
Wilmington, DE 19810

Made in the USA

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