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New Dimension in Chromatography - Halo® 1.5

CACA/AMT Webinar

A New Column Chemistry for Improved Separation of Basic Compounds Webinar

AMT launches a charged surface bonded phase for pharmaceutical analysis.

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When: Wed, Nov 1, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

Speaker’s Title: Peter Pellegrinelli, M.S., Applications Specialist, Advanced Materials Technology, Inc.

Event Overview:

Join us to learn about a new phase chemistry from Advanced Materials Technology to improve LC and LCMS separations of basic compounds. With the release of the new HALO® Positive Charged Surface (PCS) stationary phase, chromatographers have another tool for better peak shapes and loading capacity of bases in addition to realizing the benefits of Fused-Core® particle technology for high-speed, high-efficiency separations. These new columns are designed for both small molecule and peptide analysis. Several applications will be shown to demonstrate:

• Improvement of peak shape for basic compounds using MS-friendly mobile phases for both small molecule and peptide analysis

• Loading capacity improvement gains

• An HPLC method development approach for basic compounds with an alternative selectivity

Key Learning Objectives:

• How a positively charged surface column chemistry benefits LC & LCMS separations

• The advantages of a positively charged surface column with Fused-Core® technology

• Why using a low ionic strength mobile phase is desirable

Who Should Attend:

Chromatographers and LC/MS method developers who are interested in improving their separations for basic compounds as well as investigating new column phase selectivity.

About Sponsor:

Advanced Materials Technology is an innovative HPLC column manufacturer focused on improving the presentation of the sample to the detector. Using novel Fused-Core® particle design, AMT has challenged conventional wisdom and engineered innovative solutions for the separations community. AMT continues to be a leader in novel superficially porous particle development enabling high efficiency and reliability for scientists running both small and large molecule separations in addition to delivering application-specific solutions designed to meet industry challenges.

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